Why Paris ?

Two reasons. First, “LOVE” is designed while I was in a beautiful terrace watching the ever-inspiring view of Paris at dawn time. And the second reason; there is an allegory which emphasizes the revolutionary state of mind in Paris. Paris can be someone, Paris can be an idea, a desire, a passion, a very willing thought and act.

When ?

One and only hand sketch on 21 September 2015.

Design ?

We all spend time and energy on whatever we do in life. Why not to use this energy on what we truly LOVE instead of illusions? Each and every conscious step going up for the sake of divine LOVE will make life worthwhile.

Why Jewelry ?

Each and every one of us carries a necklace like a guard, sign or as a reminiscence. More important than that I realized jewelry is a very effective source of communication as it immediately becomes focus point at mutual conversations. To attract contagious and personal energy, I decided to apply designs first in jewelry. Spread enhancing LOVE energy.

Motto ?

Union of LOVE”. We will ALL lift up together.

Brand ?

It is a designer brand. “ŞAHİKA” as the designer of LOVE and creator of the brand. Collections will always be dedicated to art, “a piece of heART”.

3 Words ?

Revolutionist, Passionate, Universal